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He’s a rock star destroying himself to ease his guilt.

Maddox Colt is pissed as hell. Yes, he’s been labeled “messed up” in the press lately, but he has a reason. Right now, the alcohol and bad choices cover the pain. But, the label for Maddox’s band is done with his antics. They’ve delivered an ultimatum, add a girl to the group for a fresh new look and sound, or they’ll be dropped. He may be forced into this decision, but he’s sure as hell not going to like it. That all changes the moment he hears Sailor Blue sing. 

She’s determined to forget her painful past.

Sailor Blue is so good at faking being happy she’s beginning to believe it herself. Tending bar in downtown LA pays the bills just fine and she’s even managed to make some friends. She’s doing her best to forget and move on. Losing herself in work and music helps. Until one night her life is forever changed with an invitation to audition for the band Graffiti. 

Together they’ll write a new melody.

Their love of music brought them together, and if they dare to accept their unspoken love for each other they can realize that broken melodies can be whole.

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