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Sienna has been in love with her brother’s best friend since the day she fell out of a large sycamore tree and landed at his feet. Being bloody and bruised paled in comparison to the feelings emerging upon meeting Blake for the first time. Feelings that only grew through the years.

Holding onto any word, gesture or look that Blake sent her way, Sienna thought the worst thing in life was her unrequited feelings - until a betrayal changes everything and Sienna walks out of Blake’s life forever.

Now, seven years later, Blake has returned to their small home town of Mason Creek. When he and Sienna come face-to-face, anger, hurt, confessions and lust all come to a head. Sienna has waited years to tell him that she doesn’t have to be his first love, just his last.

But Blake has one more revelation that he believes might change her mind.

* The Mason Creek series is 12 complete standalone books written by 12 amazing authors! They can be read in any order. We hope you enjoy our small town of Mason Creek, Montana.

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